Design Sessions in Chronological Order

Here you can watch the Design Sessions from oldest to newest by their premiere date.

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  • Christmas 4: Preparing for Christmas Decorating

    In this Session, Rebecca shares her thought process when preparing to decorate her home for Christmas. By the end of this Session you will have a plan and the confidence you need to decorate a fabulous home for Christmas!

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  • Christmas 5: Christmas Decorations Throughout Your Home

    Go room by room through Rebecca's colbalt Christmas themed home and see what she did, how she did it and most importantly why she did it!

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  • Christmas 6: Christmas Tree Decorating

    Learn the 10 steps to decorate a perfect Christmas tree every single time in this Session!

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  • Christmas 7: Christmas Decorations Beyond The Tree

    Rebecca takes you beyond the Christmas Tree to the other areas in your home where you can add some Christmas cheer! You will discover that the tree is only the beginning, as Rebecca shares her tips and secrets behind her dreamy Christmas decor.

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  • Christmas 8: Fireplace Garland Ideas

    Go step-by-step with Rebecca and build a lush Christmas fireplace mantle!

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  • Christmas 9: Christmas Wreaths

    Discover Rebecca's method for creating a Christmas wreath that is a beautiful focal point!

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  • Christmas 10: Top 5 Christmas Decorating Tips

    Use these five tips Rebecca discusses in this Session to see a huge difference in your Christmas decorations!

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  • Christmas 11: 10 Tips for Christmas Tree Decorating

    Learn Rebecca's ten steps for decorating a perfect Christmas tree every time in this Session.

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  • Christmas 12: Storing Your Christmas Decorations

    Did you know there is a proper order you should take down your Christmas decorations? Watch this Session to find out what you should take down first, last and everything in-between!

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  • Christmas 14: Tree Topper Tips

    The top of your Christmas tree should be a showstopping moment! Watch this Session to design a perfect tree topper.

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  • Christmas 15: Christmas Tree Flocking Tips

    Learn how to easily transform your Christmas tree into a beautifully flocked Christmas tree all on your own.

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  • Christmas 16: Hanging Christmas Lights

    Follow along as Rebecca hangs a gorgeous display of Christmas lights from her ceiling for a wow first impression as you walk into her home!

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  • Christmas 17: Christmas Rail Garland Ideas

    Walkthrough the entire process of decorating a stunning staircase for Christmas with Rebecca in this Session!
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  • Christmas 18: Getting Organized After Christmas

    Now that we are through a season of bringing more into our hearts and homes, we often feel like it's the perfect time to lighten what we had before. This Session is inspired by all of you asking about how to organize, and when to do it!

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  • Christmas 19: Organizing and Storing Your Christmas Decorations

    In this Session, Rebecca shows you how she organizes and stores her Christmas decorations and all of her best tips. Use these ideas and tips when putting away your Christmas decoration and you will be organized like a pro and SO ready for next Christmas!

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  • How to Choose Flooring For Your Home

    Tool 22 - There are so many things to consider when deciding on your flooring, and a few major things to avoid. Watch this Session for all the best tips and design insider secrets when it comes to flooring!

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  • Tips For Picking Stone Countertops

    Tool 23 - One of the biggest spends in your budget can be stone. It's not something you will change often, and there are so many choices! This Session is here to take the mystery out of the entire process.

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  • Quick Lighting Trick

    Tool 24 - Watch this Session to learn why it is best to use frosted light bulbs over clear light bulbs!

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  • Project Management

    Tool 25 - This Session is all about project management! From the preparation stages all the way to execution, Rebecca walks you through, step-by-step, what it takes to plan a project.

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  • Discovering Your Design Style

    Tool 26 - After this Session, you not only will be able to confidently say which design styles you are but also know how to merge your styles cohesively! Because come on, who is ever just one design style?

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  • The Transitional Design Style

    Tool 27 - In this Session, we're talking about the transitional design style! Rebecca outlines five principles to really nail the transitional style and takes you through her home and a few client's homes to show you this style in action.

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  • Small Space Design

    Tool 28 - In this Design Session, Sharrah and I are back at it again to show you how to maximize a small space. We take the guest house space in my own home and transform it into a beautiful studio space. The best part? We makeover the studio space three different times on three different budgets...

  • How To Boost Your Curb Appeal

    Join Rebecca & Sharrah as they look at their homes from an outside perspective, and work on improving their curb appeal. They both paint, plant and perfect the outsides of their homes, while sharing all of their insights with Design Session members!

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  • Beach House 1: The Process Of Designing A Great Room

    In this Session, Rebecca goes over all of the tools we’ve had so far through the Design Sessions. Then, she shows you which tools you’ll need to design a great room from start to finish, using the beautiful Beach House project as an example!

    By the end of this Session you will be able to apply a...