Small Space Design

Small Space Design

Designed for those looking to maximize every inch of their compact living spaces, these Sessions will spark your innovation. From ingenious small space design hacks that breathe new life into your rental without permanent changes, to clever tips and tricks tailored for tiny living, this playlist is your ultimate guide to creating a spacious feeling in any environment. Whether you're a city dweller in a studio apartment or looking to declutter and streamline a small room in your home, these videos will empower you with creative solutions and practical advice to transform your small space into a cozy, functional, and stylish haven.

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Small Space Design
  • Small Space Design

    In this Design Session, Sharrah and I are back at it again to show you how to maximize a small space. We take the guest house space in my own home and transform it into a beautiful studio space. The best part? We makeover the studio space three different times on three different budgets!


  • Making the Most of Your Rental

    When living in a rental there is a fine line between wanting to make your space feel like your home, but also not wanting to upset your landlord and lose your security deposit. Luckily Rebecca's daughter, Sharrah, has lived in her fair share of rentals and knows all the ways to make your rental p...