Rebecca's May Favorites

  • Dream Luxury Home Renovation

    We’re taking an exclusive journey to San Diego to see my friend Maria Barry as she takes us through her latest adventure in home renovation and design. Maria opens the doors to a hidden gem that's about to undergo a transformation unlike any other.
    As we tour each room, Maria shares her vision fo...

  • Cliff House 4: Designing the Master Bedroom

    Walkthrough the Cliff House master bedroom retreat with Rebecca in this Session! She highlights her design process step-by-step so you can apply the same principles to your own home.

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  • Project Management

    This session is dedicated to project management! I'll guide you on a step-by-step journey, navigating from the initial preparation stages to the final execution, covering everything you need to plan a successful project. Consider this Session your roadmap for the Design Sessions Tools journey.


  • Back to the Basics: Paint

    Paint is one of the topics that we get so many questions on! In this Session of Back to the Basics, Rebecca shares with you the top three things that you need to know before you select paint for any design project.

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  • Extreme Home Makeover 2024 - Luxury Home Reveal

    Welcome back for another luxury home remodel in California. Rebecca returns to San Diego to tour Interior Designer Maria Barry’s recently completed home in the coveted “Bridges” neighborhood of Rancho Santa Fe.
    Rebecca said,“ It feels like I’m revealing one of my own projects as Maria and I have...