• Designing the Union

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  • Designing the Cliff House

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    We walk you through the process of designing the Cliff House.

  • Designing the Beach House

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    We walk you through the process we used to design the Beach House.

  • Remodeling Rebecca's Kitchen

    In this Design Session, Rebecca takes you through the process of how she remodeled her kitchen after a water leak just a few short months before moving to Tulsa. She gives practical tips that you can apply to your own kitchen when working on a tight timeline or budget!

    Download PDF: https://des...

  • Designing Rebecca's Dream Home

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  • The Union Project: Living Area

    In this Session sharing The Union Project, Sharrah walks you through her design process for the Living Area! Follow along in your PDF to learn how to utilize space in a great room, large area, or room that needs to serve multiple functions!

    Download PDF: