Let’s explore Outdoor Design with 4 Sessions, designed to inspire your next exterior makeover! From enhancing your home's curb appeal with strategic landscaping and vibrant plantings to selecting the perfect outdoor decorations that reflect your personal style, we cover it all. Whether you're looking to create a welcoming entryway, a backyard oasis, or simply want to elevate your outdoor space, these videos are packed with creative ideas, practical advice, and the latest trends to help you transform any outdoor area into a stunning extension of your home.

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  • How To Boost Your Curb Appeal

    Join Rebecca & Sharrah as they look at their homes from an outside perspective, and work on improving their curb appeal. They both paint, plant and perfect the outsides of their homes, while sharing all of their insights with Design Session members!

    Download PDF: https://designsessions.vhx.tv/ou...

  • Outdoor Planting with a Pro

    For this Session we are digging deep, literally! It’s time to get your planting on, indoors and out with our special guest for this Session, an expert landscape architect.

    Download PDF: https://designsessions.vhx.tv/outdoor-pdfs

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  • Outdoor Decorating Tips

    Outdoor 3 - Exceptional outdoor living spaces are ones that are well thought out and beckon people to them. If you follow the five principles Rebecca discusses in this Session, you will be able to create your own outdoor oasis!

    Download PDF: https://designsessions.vhx.tv/outdoor-pdfs

  • The Union Project: Outdoor Space

    In this Session sharing The Union Project, Sharrah walks you through the incredible Outdoor Living Area! It's the perfect retreat and outdoor oasis. Follow along in your PDF to learn how to apply these principles to your home!

    Download PDF: https://designsessions.vhx.tv/the-union-pdfs