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  • The Design Sessions Changed My Life

    Carrie has long been a member of the Design Sessions and after equipping herself with the tools and principles taught here, has created the home of her dreams! She's infused her personal design style as well as impeccable design and function into her home.

  • Sarah's story of how the Design Sessions changed her LIFE!

    Sarah's experience as a student of the Design Sessions has inspired me in so many ways, & I hope it does you too! It is an honor to now call her my good friend. Thank you for sharing your story & joining the Design Sessions Sarah, the Kinwoven community is lucky to have you!!!

  • What are the Design Sessions?

    What are the Design sessions? The Design Sessions are the most important thing I've done in my 30 year career as an interior designer. We teach the principles of design. From the most base level to the most advanced techniques. Providing you with the 'tools' to accomplish any project, at any stag...

  • Selecting, Placing, & Arranging Art Trailer

    We understand that it can be easy to feel stuck when selecting art. What size is right? How do you know if it fits your style? There is A LOT to know when it comes to art. Tool 10 walks you through how to select art for your home, where to place it, and how to arrange it!

  • Discovering Your Design Style Trailer

    Knowing YOUR unique Design Style is crucial for creating a beautiful home because it allows you to create a cohesive home that not only reflects you but makes an amazing impression!
    We want you to be confident in your Design Style AND know how to use it effectively. In Tool 26, Discovering Your D...