What To Watch

  • Ad-Free Videos

    3 videos

    In addition to your Design Sessions Exclusive content, you are able to watch our YouTube content ad-free! New uploads will be available to you one day earlier and without ads here in the Design Sessions.

  • Design Principles | Back to the Basics

    2 videos

  • How to Accessorize Like a Pro

    In this Session, Sharrah teaches you the key principles of accessorizing throughout your home!

    Download PDF: https://designsessions.vhx.tv/accessorizing-pdfs

  • Discovering Your Design Style

    Tool 26 - After this Session, you not only will be able to confidently say which design styles you are but also know how to merge your styles cohesively! Because come on, who is ever just one design style?

    Download PDF: https://designsessions.vhx.tv/design-styles-pdfs

  • Small Space Design

    Tool 28 - In this Design Session, Sharrah and I are back at it again to show you how to maximize a small space. We take the guest house space in my own home and transform it into a beautiful studio space. The best part? We makeover the studio space three different times on three different budgets...

  • Beach House 1: The Process Of Designing A Great Room

    In this Session, Rebecca goes over all of the tools we’ve had so far through the Design Sessions. Then, she shows you which tools you’ll need to design a great room from start to finish, using the beautiful Beach House project as an example!

    By the end of this Session you will be able to apply a...

  • Cliff House 2: Designing the Kitchen

    Rebecca is unpacking the kitchen in the Cliff House project! She takes you through her design process step-by-step so you can apply the same principles to your own home.

    Download PDF: https://designsessions.vhx.tv/cliff-house-pdfs

  • SketchUp Tutorial

    10 videos

    Learn how to use SketchUp, the 3D modeling software we use on our projects.

  • Creating a Simple Design Plan

    8 videos

    Learn how to create a Simple Design Plan using Canva