Sharrah's November Favorites

  • The Union Project: Living Area

    In this Session sharing The Union Project, Sharrah walks you through her design process for the Living Area! Follow along in your PDF to learn how to utilize space in a great room, large area, or room that needs to serve multiple functions!

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  • Christmas 4: Preparing for Christmas Decorating

    In this Session, Rebecca shares her thought process when preparing to decorate her home for Christmas. By the end of this Session you will have a plan and the confidence you need to decorate a fabulous home for Christmas!

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  • Back To The Basics: Furniture Placement

    In our Back to the Basics series, we're taking you through design principles that we know to be the foundation of great design! These principles will become the foundation for creating a beautiful home and give you the tools you need to tackle any project!

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  • Christmas 5: Christmas Decorations Throughout Your Home

    Go room by room through Rebecca's colbalt Christmas themed home and see what she did, how she did it and most importantly why she did it!

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  • Christmas 6: Christmas Tree Decorating

    Learn the 10 steps to decorate a perfect Christmas tree every single time in this Session!

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